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Diane Cluck's Song-of-the-Week project

Greetings...Diane, here !

I’m excited to tell you about my new project, “Song-of-the-Week.” The main idea is that I will devote the next few months to writing, recording and digitally distributing a series of new songs to subscribers.

People have been asking, ‘When will you release a new record ?’ I came up with “Song-of-the-Week” as a way of being able to create new music for people who support me working as a musician. Someone said, ‘it sounds like a CSA for a musician.' Yes, that's the idea! Invest in my work and there will be fruits to share at harvest-time.

“Song-of-the-Week” is supported by everyone's subscriptions ( expense details below ). See the box to the right for details on buying a subscription for yourself or a friend. Thank you to everyone who's already subscribed ! I'm currently working very independently as a musician. This means I need everyone's help ! You can give additional support by spreading the word. Perhaps you have a blog or contact with music press? Telling your friends is surely a help. tell cats, bats & rats

With “Song-of-the-Week,” I look forward to spending time focusing deeply on songcraft, and getting down with my drums, pipes, strings, keys and notebooks. I’ll be open to suggestions for songs around particular ideas, events or topics, and to collaborating with other musicians.

If you enjoy my music-making, please consider subscribing, offering promotional support and/or sharing a link to this page with others.

Thank you for reading my missive...and for supporting my project !

Musically yours,


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( preview the new songs on songs / discussion page )

Update: Project is ongoing,
and will continue until 24 songs are released.

Project expense details:

Preparation & ongoing needs:

  • developing the concept
  • writing content for and co-designing the webpage
  • personally promoting ( via email, Facebook, Twitter, interviews / radio appearances, live shows, video, personal requests for help )
  • software & website development
  • web hosting
  • recording equipment
  • promotional services
  • engineering / studio help
  • building / maintenance / repair of musical equipment
  • taxes and credit card processing fees

Ongoing creative work:

  • writing each new song
  • recording each new song
  • periodic online distribution and emails
  • recording studio costs, incl. rental, engineering, mixing, & studio help
  • travel expenses for working with other musicians / collaborators

After 24 songs' completion:

  • mastering songs for CDs
  • creating physical and downloadable artwork for CDs
  • manufacturing CDs
  • shipping costs
  • creating artwork and commissioned songs for higher subscription levels

Many of these expenses are...expensive !
Subscribing to “Song-of-the-Week” at any level is a great help.

Read latest news updates on the project.

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Diane Cluck’s
Song-of-the-Week project

Each subscription provides:
 • A series of 24 new songs, written and recorded by Diane, distributed fresh! as they're made. Occasional videos, too !
 • Access to an online forum for offering impressions, requests and discussion of the songs.
Discount code?
(Discounts if you've bought from Diane's store
or attended Diane's live shows.
Get in touch if you didn't get a code!)
Choose a subscription level:
next 4 songs (or any 4)
all 24 songs
24 songs PLUS shipment of 2 physical CDs of the finished songs with lyrics and artwork signed by Diane
24 songs, CDs, PLUS lyrics to your favorite "Song-of-the- Week" song handwritten for you with original illustration by Diane
24 songs, CDs, PLUS a one-minute song written & recorded for you by Diane, about whatever you'd like!
( continental U.S. & Canada only ) 24 songs, CDs, and Diane will play live at your house / school / garden, etc.-- could include "Song-of-the-Week" songs! You provide the flight / transportation, or she'll make it a future tour stop ( idea: charge admission to the show to offset the cost of this level of subscription)
( Europe, Asia, South America, etc.) same as above, for all territories outside the continental U.S. & Canada. ( A tour stop may not be possible. In this case, flight cost is additional. Please inquire. )

Another idea ? Customize your own subscription--tell Diane what you'd like from her in return for your sponsorship.


  • "Song-of-the-Week" is underway.
  • My crew is hardworking but tiny, so any promotional help you're willing to give (blog posts, press, Facebook, Twitter, tellin' your friends, etc.) will be hugely appreciated!
  • Gift for someone else? Specify on payment page.
  • We'll post previews along the way.
  • The project will run as long as needed to provide 24 new songs.
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