Blogotheque feature

last February i came to stay at The Barley Jar, a communal household in Toronto that welcomed me as i passed through on tour.  Natalie offered me her room.  t’was a sweet one, basement-cozy below the snowfall.

i stayed at The Barley Jar for several days, enjoying the warmth of their kitchen-talk and foods.  i took part in chores a bit.  i was the Jar Fairy–my task was to match jars with lids once they were all washed & dried.  people spoke of lovers, the new pairs and break-ups, the healing and wanting.  Whitney Houston died one of those days and i stayed up all night, crying and marveling over her exquisite singing via YouTube.  yes i did.  and I woke up another night to write down the basic outline of “freefall”.  it’s the second song from the first video, and Tomislav plays accordian alongside me, brave improv-style.

Derrick Belcham came by to film these two video segments for Blogotheque.  he couldn’t have been more awesomely mellow, which is why i’m sorry i look a bit tortured.  it belies the fact that i love to sing, or even that i enjoy singing for others.  i haven’t been so comfortable with photos and video but it’s getting easier.

I need more support around me
let’s raise this child in community
cuz who can do with just one mother ?
it’s too much to ask of another.
but free to fall where others may catch me
and falling all, we catch others’ hands
free-falling shape of a country
borders softly dissolve where it lands

can i do something more than i am doing ?
i don’t know how to do this
but i do
what comes to me in a moment
when i open around the edges of you

i need more support around me
this careful soup’s been boiling down
flavors riches meant for a family
don’t exist when no one’s around

can i do something more than i am doing ?
i got so good at doing what i do
‘could be it’s enough
i keep doing this and give to you…