Song-of-the-Week #9: “Roma”: Preview & Discussion

Here’s a preview of this week’s song, “Roma”:

Ro-ses. Diane Cluck

roses in the corner. photo by Diane.

ideas expressed in “Roma” arrive via my current experience as an American.  it’s become common for people to leave the town they grew up in and never go back. it’s become common to move hundreds or thousands of miles for a love relationship, work, or personal growth and adventure, perhaps multiple times throughout one’s life.  there’s great potential for beauty in all of this mobility, yet it’s also challenging.  i’m pondering how it came to be so common, or even possible.

my best guess is a combination of three factors:  the shaky privilege of petroleum-based travel, with the controlled deflation of travel costs make it appear normal-ish to live hours or even countries away from loved ones.  last generation’s big sell on ‘college as necessity’, with colleges as businesses that compete for students around the world.  many people following the trail of a good, better, or any, job.

as i move about, in my mind i sometimes hear “Love The One You’re With” by Stephen Stills, its sentiment expressed in the lines “if you can’t be with the one you love, honey, love the one you’re with”…applying this idea to people, to work tasks, to wherever i happen to be.

piano for this song was a white-key improv that i recorded, adding vocals later.
thanks to Ken for mastering.

i love her so much
i can’t believe i hardly ever see her–
it doesn’t seem right
she’s always right there by the phone,
the kind that’s connected to her home

how we move from the families
pullin’ roots and diggin’ new seeds
when each tree is a world could be known,
why leave ?  before they’re even grown ?

i long to settle
i’m feelin’ tired
i don’t own here
i’m a renter
i go where the work is
where the friends are
where my dogs at ?
they’re howlin’ in the car

you think it’s easier in the new place
warm weather and more space–
between you and those you love
your push-off gets to feelin’ like a shove
’cause when they fall sick
or you feel down
so many hours between each town
and help’s to be found everywhere
but it takes time to weave a net with care, yes

and i long to settle
i’m feelin’ wired
still i roam here
left of my center
though i know what my work is,
who my friends are…

i’m gonna settle
drop my bones here
send down the root stock
through the bedrock–
but where my dogs at ?
hey, where my dogs at ?
where are my dogs ?
they’re howlin’ in the car

diane cluck roma

car-toon by Diane.

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14 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #9: “Roma”: Preview & Discussion

  1. I keep listening over and over, thank you so much, for these treasures that keep on coming when they are most needed

  2. This is somewhat heartbreaking, but in a somehow restorative way. Strange, and utterly gorgeous.

  3. Hello Diane,
    Just a note to say how wonderful I think all the songs-of-the-week are. I especially love to hear you play piano. I often listen to Schubert songs, things like Winterreise, too, so I suppose these songs might have a sort of poetic connection.
    I Look forward to seeing you in Europe again one day soon,
    with love

  4. “you think its easier in the new place, warm weather, more space, hmph” :-) made me smile more than once

    love and thanks for the effort you put in

  5. mighty fine song. last chord is genius, i think. thx. i am happy to have subscribed to song of the week!

  6. Roma as song and as nature, resonates in many important ways! Songs can reach us and can speak to us, this song feels to be a woven message that reaches from and through each! a possible discussion: how could the barriers within communication, and, the nature of peoples’ struggle with the flow of time creating loneliness and separation in ways that are so direct, be reinterpreted and set back into balance, just as organic farming has been understood by and nourishing to more people each month?