Song-of-the-Week #15 – “Float a Cuppa Tea”

A little ditty, written for friends who caretake and inspire with carefree fire.

Great thanks to John Ashley Murphy for his inspired harp-playing (hear Midstream, his album of original harmonica instrumentals), and also to Daniel Goans of Lowland Hum (stream their gorgeous new album Thin), who played on and engineered this track in his little attic studio in Charlottesville, VA.

Track Credits:
Diane Cluckvocals, broomstick bumps and furniture thumps
Daniel Goanssnare
John Ashley Murphyharmonica

you draw me a bath
you make me laugh
float a cuppa tea in the tub for me
I miss your smile, stay awhile
float a cuppa tea in the tub for me
float a cuppa tea in the tub for me
float a cuppa tea in the tub for me

when you’re lukewarm, you do no harm
but you give no pleasure
oh! twist my arm
put the kettle on, boil till it’s gone
steam up the window
blow me a kiss, go
(draw me a bath…etc, from beginning, repeat)

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12 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #15 – “Float a Cuppa Tea”

  1. Yay! New music. Thank you for this blessing.

    Hugs to all of you. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you sooner than later and we can catch up again.

    All Good Things,


  2. Thank you so much for relaunching the project… Every song is an overwhelming event in the most joyful fashion!
    Love, Denis.

  3. so strange i was just listening to you on Tidal allday before receiving this email. Love you and miss your voice. Any chance you will play in NY soon?
    Big love from NY

    • Dear Nomi,
      Yes…will be at Joe’s Pub on June 4th. I’d been looking you up recently as well. So happy for all your thriving and accomplishments. Beauty + strength & vulnerability…yes yes yes…

  4. Hi, Diane…I went directly to your website at first then back to your email and listened to the entire song…I really like it…It makes me smile…Thanks.

  5. Much love for the beautiful, real music you make. Always inspiring and heartening.