Song-of-the-Week #14: Share and Veer

Here’s a preview of Song #14: “Share and Veer”:​

​Agree to agree.
Agree to disagree.
Agree to enjoy,
to appreciate each other / another, fully.

I wrote this song in a courtyard in Cardiff before a show with Herman Dune and The Wave Pictures. Recorded at home with a rattledash amp from Colin. Thanks to Ken for mastering help.

Come to me slack-jawed
Arrive and have no fear
What we share, we share
And where we veer, we veer

When I go to you nameless
The names all disappear
And what’s left there, we share
Share on until we veer, oh!

Your company is stainless
Our sameness I revere
The difference, too, is blameless
No, it I’d not repair

When words cannot contain this–
How dare I dare to dare?
So close upon our closeness
Distance hearkens–
There I hear you
There I hear you
There I hear you
There I hear you

Come unto me claimless
I’ve nothing to declare
Where we veer, we veer
And what we share, we share
It’s okay…

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3 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #14: Share and Veer

  1. Diane you rule. Let’s play some shows together in the fall. If you want.
    Hope you are doing well!! Eric

  2. I have finally heard this new song after waiting a bit; This project began as ideas about music, time and experience were changing and since then it has become a mystifying and beautifying low tide where individual songs are remembered to be as complete works as vast paintings, theatrical presences, literature that can become the air, water, breath and woven components around and as people. Near the project’s beginning, patience and astonishment were not as much part of my experience of music. Now, I think many people are finding that the place of music in our lives has grown and changed, music has become itself in new ways, helping people to do the same!

  3. its beautiful..thank you!
    Are you in UK at all ?
    I would bring you some of my rhubarb clafouti I made today – it is lovely !
    All the best