Song-of-the-Week #12: Perigee Moon

Here’s a preview of song #12, “Perigee Moon”:

perigee full moon

falling in love whilst traveling…
written during the florid perigee moon of this past June.
(next one occurs April 22nd, 2014.)
zither, harmonium, vocals recorded & mixed by Diane.
thanks to Ken for mastering.

thinking of you
perigee moon
hangs over me
over the road
so ripe and full
leading me on
dusk until dawn
perigee moon

i flew for days
north unto south
‘wish i could stay
close to your mouth
if i lived in your town
i’d be around
wax till we wane
tenderest pain
thinking of you…

thinking of you
perigee moon
hangs over me
over the road
so ripe and full
leading me on
dusk until dawn
perigee moon

you let me play
close to your heart
tending the garden
we love and depart
in quiet profound
each homeward bound
nothing is turning our journeys around

salmon & gold
perigee moon
ruddy with blood
huger than huge
that’s how she goes
perigee friend
emerging and merging and sinking again
emerging and merging and sinking again

* * *Check out XARNDA’s remix of the song* * *

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12 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #12: Perigee Moon

  1. It s beautiful to listen to your Voice in the cold paris morning it s inspiring
    Good luck for the concerts too bad i am not there
    Much Love

  2. Hello Diane,
    it’s always a great surprise to have an song from you in my mailbox. I am pretty happy that I did this subscription (and wonder, when it comes to an end)

    I was much more surprised that the new song is titled Perigee Moon.
    I know it’s how the super moon is called – but I read the first time about it, when I released Daniel Bachmans 7″.
    Some weeks ago I got a video of these guys:

    I am not sure if this story on this post makes sense – but I thought it’s a nice “the world is small” story and Andrew from the Matchsellers told me Perigee Moon is his favorite song so they made some lyrics to it.

    So yeah, I thought I share this with you.

    I wasn’t sure if I should write that in the comment section, because I wasn’t sure if it matters to your song.

    So anyway.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best from across the ocean,

    • hey Marcus,
      this was a surprise for me, too, as i only recently discovered Daniel’s music through you. the word ‘perigee’ was introduced to me just a few months ago, and i fell in love.

  3. perigee moon has been, will be, on repeat.
    another gem amongst your gems.
    sending love and warmth your way, as autumn comes once again.

  4. a wonderful song Diane

    evocative of rivers for me

    and insects outside


    beautiful zither

  5. Thank you. Your song soothes as I sit watching fall finally set in. The browned leaves fall while “Perigee moon” reminds me of the beauty of change, inspiring me to accept and enjoy all of it!

  6. Hi Diane, saw you in Toronto in 2012. This new song is beautiful cant wait to hear the whole album hope you can make it back to Canada some day soon.