Song-of-the-Week #11: “Love You This Much”: Preview & Discussion

Here’s a preview of this week’s song, “Love You This Much”:

There are many songs dedicated to romantic love.  This isn’t one of them!  Romantic love, I might say, causes an enjoyable stir, is pleasing to one’s sense of aesthetics, even ornamental, and perhaps a kind of training ground for deeper love commitments.  On the deep side I’m thinking of the way it feels to embrace a challenging situation or person, even oneself, knowing you’re there to stay, unprepared as one may feel.  I wrote “Love You This Much” from inside this feeling.

A few nights ago my friend Ash Devine blew through town, riding a current of Appalachian folksong and her own sweet melody.  We recorded this sitting across from each other, one mic, late at night after our show at Magnolia House.  I’m singing & playing nylon-string guitar; Ash accompanies me on vocals & baritone ukelele.

Thanks as ever to Ken(‘s Last Ever) for mastering help.

spring leads me to the plough
i love you so much i don’t even know how
i love you so much i don’t even know how to love you this much

big field before me now
i love you so much i don’t even know how
i love you so much i don’t even know how to love you this much
but i long to learn…
i long to learn so i keep in touch

a few steps into the field
with blades so sharp but the ground won’t yield
you’d think it cut deep but the ground won’t yield
‘the time it takes to wonder why
there’s a flash and a crash and an opening sky
cryin’ down tears where it once was dry
little seeds sprout in me now

spring leads me to the plough
i love you so much…
little seeds sprout in me now
i love you so much…

Sparks ?  Thoughts to share ?  Ruminatory expanses await you… →

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19 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #11: “Love You This Much”: Preview & Discussion

  1. Tank you Diane
    Just had a daughter
    1week old (not old!)
    Will play your sång to her as soon as she wakes up


  2. Yo
    Thanx for new song
    I think my baby likes you
    The other night he didn’t stop moving inside like mad…
    So I put your music on my headphones and close to my belly and he stoped moving
    So he was

    Guess I will know more when he is actually out….
    And I call it he
    But it could be a she

  3. SO happy I’m subscribing to this!! It’s a piece of light in my life :=) Love!

  4. I know Ms Ash, met her in North Carolina years ago! What a lovely collaboration. Such a sweet surprise.

  5. If we sign up, will we miss the old recordings that have already gone out?

    • if you subscribe for all 24 songs, we’ll catch you up. if you subscribe for 4 songs, you can choose which you’d like.

  6. I am happy that I’ve signed up to this project in the beginning, because every new song is a nice surprise in my mailbox. Thanks!

  7. every time i receive a new email with a song i feel like a child, about to unwrap a Christmas gift… so breathtaking… because i know – it’s always a stunning present inside

  8. Thank you very much for ‘Love You This Much’! As it happened, this song arrived on my 30th birthday, and was a very surprising and nice present! It fits the past year so well…

    These last twelve months were very special for me, and your songs-of-the-week are inextricably tied through this particular year. Last September I started a new study in a new place and found some wonderful people there. One stands out in particular and what happened with her is that my heart really and totally opened up, whilst I never for a second doubted my relationship with my wife of eleven years. I am tempted to say that I fell in love with her, and that’s probably what it is, although it isn’t quite, because I never wanted (or had) a ‘romantic’ relationship with her. After some struggles in realizing the nature of the intense feelings we had, everything was sooo nice (everything–not only with the woman in question, but also with my wife, and my parents, brother, etc. A true ‘loosening around the heart’).

    Indeed, ‘Heartloose,’ with its loving feel and lyrics, is threaded through this year of intense feelings, and I <3 it. And now 'Love You This Much' arrived precisely on my birthday, and fits my last year so well…it is truly a special gift for me…thank you…