Song-of-the-Week #10: “The Power of Allowing and Receiving”: Preview & Discussion

Here’s a preview of this week’s song, “The Power of Allowing and Receiving”:

my friend Grey Revell inspired me to finish this one.  i wanted to make the most of the opportunity to record with him while he was in town, also i’d been wanting to write a country song.  Grey graciously accompanied me on guitar and left me his little amp to boot !  somehow i’ve played music all this time and never owned an amp.  experiments to follow…

as i lay bathing
in the blazing mountain heat
no, there was nothing
between the sun and me
except the shadow
of an incidental bird
who kept on circling
to ensure i wasn’t hurt
it hung in the sky
and kept me in its shade
so once i’d gone inside
on my skin i found its shape
in pale relief now
i am believing
in the power of allowing and receiving

in the power of allowing and receiving
something came to carry off my grief-thing
like it was nothing
i am believing
in the power of allowing and receiving

riches from the hands
that long to share their gold
if you’d just loosen up
that old white-knuckle hold
that binds the burdens
closer than you might would guess
just set ‘em down now
dance around in a pretty dress
sung out to the sky
a song from balled-up roots
you’re bound to catch reply
as sure as trees yield fruit
their leaves are shining
i am believing in the power

the power of allowing and receiving
somehow it carries off my grieving
like it is nothing
i am believing
in the power of allowing and receiving…

live sound recording & video by Ken’s Last Ever.

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7 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #10: “The Power of Allowing and Receiving”: Preview & Discussion

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful song Diane. Have listened to it about 20 times already today. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful, in all aspects…the seeing, the hearing, the reading, over and over again. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  3. I’ve wanted to do something like that with you for YEARS..this was the best send off I could have hoped for..thanks again, Diane. Look forward to more in the future. :)

  4. what a joy is to stay up all night listening to your songs. and there’s no other way to get this marvelous state of heart!

  5. The song matches to my summer feeling right now. I think it would even sound better with a catchy drum line – When I’m listening to it, I can’t stop tapping along rhythms with my fingers. But nevertheless, I love it.

  6. I just subscribed and I was really excited tonight when my husband went out with friends. I have been sitting reading and listening with my fan on and my feet up. Again, thank you. I love your music. I can’t wait to see you live again.