self portrait, Georgia

i chose Stone Mountain, Georgia as my place of retreat from 2007-2009.  the village was small and old-fashioned; most of the storefronts on the main street were closed.  i rarely saw people in the streets, parks, or even yards.  still, it was a beautiful place and time for me.  sultry, desolate, slow.  i learned about plants and also myself.  i spent a lot of time alone, considering my strengths and fears, both of which grew/shrank beneath such focus.

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3 comments on “self portrait, Georgia

  1. dandelion greens are such a healthy thing to eat, and very good boiled three times and then sauteed with olive oil, seasoned with salt. I like to drink the water they are cooked in as a tea. Didn’t realize you can eat violet leaves too! That must be tasty

    • hey Maria. yep, violet leaves are gummy and spinach-like. not sure which member of the Viola family they were, but many are edible.