Peterborough, NH

we played before Mark Kozelek at The Thing In the Spring Festival. i wasn’t familiar with his work, but seated in the audience my mind opened like a child’s in the care of a master. i hadn’t heard storytelling like this in awhile–deeply poetic, casual, personal. i found his excellent craftsmanship both comforting and inspiring.  ( his recent album “Perils From the Sea” made for great road listening. )

Isabel, Mark, Diane

Isabel, Mark, Diane in Peterborough, NH.

i felt a lot of care went into curating the weekend. most of the music was new to me, eclectic, from local and afar, enjoyed upon first listen. other favorites from the hours i spent there were Pine Grove and Inanna’s Descent.  also the kissing booth !

kissing booth

sign on the kissing booth in the stairwell.