Summering into Fall…US Tour

I’ll be heading west from Virginia, out to New Mexico/Colorado and back!
(Update: Show in Denver + Show & Singing Workshop in Memphis added!)

August 29th / Durham, NC / The Pinhook w/ Wes Swing / tickets / FB
August 30th / Asheville, NC
 / Mothlight w/ Wes Swing / tickets / FB
August 31st / Nashville, TN / Radio Cafe w/ Bea Troxel 6:30-9pm, $10, 21+ / FB
September 2nd / Florence, AL
/ Southern Trash w/ Luke Smith / tickets / FB
September 3rd / Atlanta, GA / The Bakery w/ Loudermilk & Moon, Casey Hood $10 / FB
September 4th / Athens, GA / Go Bar w/ Domestic + Madeline of Immaterial Possession 9pm, $8, 21+ / FB
September 5th / Auburn, AL 
/ House Concert 7:30pm, $10-20 suggested / tickets / FB
September 6th / New Orleans, LA
/ Tigermen Den w/ Zoe Boekbinder 7pm / tickets / FB
September 8th / New Orleans, LA / Singing/Songwriting workshop / info & register / FB
September 9th / Austin, TX / Cactus Cafe w/ Jana Horn / tickets / FB
September 10th / Austin, TX / Singing Workshop 2-5pm / info & register / FB
September 14th / Santa Fe, NM / Zephyr Community Art Studio 7:30pm / tickets / FB
September 15th / Albuquerque, NM 
Singing Workshop / info & register / FB
September 16th / Boulder, CO
House Concert 7pm / info & tickets / FB
September 17th / Boulder, CO / Singing Workshop 2-5pm / info & register / FB
September 21st / Denver, CO 
/ House Concert (1235 MLK Jr. Blvd.) 8pm, $10-20 suggested / FB
September 23rd / Manitou Springs, CO 
/ Red Crags w/ Wolf n’Ma + Adriana Jones Rincon 5pm, $10-20 suggested / FB
September 24th / Manitou Springs, CO / Red Crags – Singing Workshop 2-5pm – Free & open to the public
September 28th / Kansas City, MO Inner Space Yoga w/ Major Matt Mason USA tickets / FB
September 30th / Memphis, TN / Singing Workshop 1-4pm / info & register / FB
September 30th / Memphis, TN Java Cabana w/ Quartz Prawl 7pm, $5-15 suggested / FB

Spring Jaunt in the Northeast!

April 29th / Baltimore, MD / Holy Underground w/ Jabari Exum / FBtickets
May 1st / Philadelphia, PA 
Space 1026 w/ Tim Woulfe / FB / tickets
May 2nd / Kingston, NY 
Kingston Artist Collective + Cafe w/ Greg Gondek / FBtickets
May 4th / Providence, RI
 / The Music Mansion, First Fridays series / FB / $10 door 8pm, first come
May 5th / Brooklyn, NY / Trans-Pecos w/ Gyða / FB / tickets

other show/event listings for 2018

March 2018: UK Concerts & Singing Workshops

UK Tour
March 14th / London, UK / Cafe OTO w/ Sam Moss 
March 15th / London, UK
 / Cafe OTO w/ Sam Moss
March 16th / Brighton, UK 
/ The Rose Hill 
March 17th / Brighton, UK 
/ The Rose Hill - Singing Workshop
March 18th / London, UK
 / The Old Dentist – Singing Workshop 
March 21st / Bristol, UK
/ Cafe Kino - Singing Workshop
March 22nd / Bristol, UK
 / Cafe Kino w/ Will Newsome 
March 23rd / Lancaster, UK
 / The Hall w/ Eleanor Bennett 
March 24th / Glasgow, UK
 / The Glad Foundation - Singing Workshop
March 25th / Glasgow 
Glorious Traces Presents a family-friendly matinee show at The Glad Cafe - 4pm, special price £12 Family (2 adults + 2 kids) / FB / tickets
March 25th / Glasgow
 / The Glad Cafe w/ Howie Reeve FB / tickets

Daytrotter Session

Today Paste Music & Daytrotter posted a live session I recorded for them in September during my Midwest tour. Songs recorded were “The Power of Allowing and Receiving”, “The Smile”, “Red August” and “Learn to Lose”.

Diane Appears in Wes Swing’s Video for “Mirrors”

Earlier this year I had the good fortune of working with my friend, the gracious and multi-talented Wes Swing, in realizing his video project for “Mirrors”, released today.

I was cast in the role of Ida, a lighthouse keeper from the 1800s who lives amidst the ghosts of her family. All of the shooting was accomplished in a couple of days under the fine direction of Pando Creative Co. It was a lot of fun, even getting stranded on the island at low tide. Cameo alert for fans of Devon Sproule!

You can find “Mirrors” on Wes’ new album, And The Heart. Wes and Jeff are currently on tour in Europe, bringing their cinematic musical creations to life night after night. 

Thank you, Wes!

Diane Leads Upcoming Singing Workshops

Hello! Diane, here. Earlier this year I led my first singing workshop in Asheville, North Carolina at the suggestion of my good friend and collaborator Isabel Castellvi. It was a welcome challenge that started me thinking deeply about the art and practice of singing, considering its most healing and transformative aspects that I’ve experienced and wanted to share. The gathering was a joyous adventure, leading me to offer workshops in the US cities of Los Angeles, New York City + the Hudson Valley, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Burlington, Providence, and Charlottesville.

Asheville workshop

Asheville singers, March 2017

Description of “Singing As Deep Self-Care and Embodied Expression”:

This inclusive workshop is created with both new/never-before singers and experienced vocalists in mind. Diane guides participants through a series of bija mantras–seed sounds for warming up and connecting with the voice as it inhabits and influences the body. There will be an exploration of personal mythology as a means of discovering and developing one’s own ‘vocal signature’–an opportunity to delve into and revel in the natural qualities of one’s unique voice in an encouraging environment. Group and individual improvisation leads to spontaneous song-making. Tools shared are flexible, and with the intention that empowered singers help create healthy communities.

Listen to Diane’s thoughts on singing and finding one’s true voice,
courtesy of David Garland’s Spinning on Air.

Upcoming workshops:
March 17th, 2018 / Brighton, UK @ Rose Hill Arts / info (sold out)
March 18th / London, UK @ The Old Dentist / info (sold out)
March 21st / Bristol, UK
@ Cafe Kino info (sold out)
March 24th / Glasgow, UK The Glad Foundation 2-5pm / info & register (Half price registration available for teens)

SING sign (lighter)

Feedback from a workshop attendee:

“Your workshop was huge for me. I am trying to learn more about coming back into my body, and making sound is such a natural part of that healing. I am grateful for all that you share, including your encouragement.” - G.D.

And from private voice students:

Diane is doing far more than training my voice. She is bringing me into a new awareness of my capabilities. She is marvelously intuitive, knowledgeable, clear, precise, empathic and most of all, non-judgmental.” – B.S.

Diane made me comfortable by singing with me and using humor to dissolve my anxiety.” – N.K.

Diane is a great teacher. Her approach is inventive, creative, and kind, with a focus on what is most important in music–finding your voice. Needless to say, I highly recommend her.” – B.H.

Private instruction in voice, piano, guitar and songwriting / performance coaching available locally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Skype lessons also available. Workshops may be arranged for private homes or event spaces. Please inquire with interest.

Spinning on Air Podcast Episode 1: Diane Cluck

David Garland’s beloved program Spinning on Air has just relaunched as an independent podcast I’m honored to have my work–specifically, the art of singing–featured in Episode 1:

Podcast extras include an introduction to Dave Deporis’ music, brilliant songwriter and dear friend who passed away last week:
My love and gratitude to both David and Dave.