New album, “Boneset”, coming March 2014

This year I recorded a bunch of songs at Trout Recordings, Brooklyn. They’ll be released as Boneset, a new album on cd & vinyl through Important Records. March 4th, 2014. We’re booking a tour of the US / UK / Europe around the release (see show dates). Excited. More info to come.

Trout Recording. Diane Cluck

cookin’ it up in the sound lab. photo by Ken’s Last Ever. (


3 comments on “New album, “Boneset”, coming March 2014

  1. There is so much conveyed in just how here is becoming; the feelings of a before-presence. sounds from nature do revel in quiet and few spaces waiting to then be present as a larger embodying caravanne! completing more books in arboreal archetypal libraries and knowing the transcendence of roots being revived and ouroboros releasing then to swim and dance! phases of all of this area’s manydozens of moons and carrying the supertensuality of realms and receptions really of every beyond! families of the addition
    of the foodgathering of wisdom to fill baths and prevailing cups and grass knits, to become new remembered lights! Thank you to Diane, Ken, Isabel, Anders and each of all helpers and nurturers!

  2. So many great news, new album, and you`re gonna play in Germany next year.. excited!
    love, Thomas

  3. Awesome, so excited for the new album and tour! I have been listening to your music for these past couple of months, so it would be thrilling to see you play live.