Past show:

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When:Wed. October 12, 2011 @ 8:00pm
Venue:Bobo Gallery, Asheville, NC
Location:22 Lexington Avenue
Cost:$6-10 admission

music begins at 8pm
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza
Ash Devine
Diane Cluck

Bobo Gallery is a music venue / gallery / beer-and-wine bar with "a relaxed atmosphere, great local food and beverages." -Magazine 33 ( )

There is an earlier show in Asheville on Sat. Oct. 8th. These two shows will be Diane's first appearances in Asheville, NC ! They'll be Ash's final shows before leaving Asheville for the season.

Based on equipment specs for both venues, the sound quality at the Bobo Gallery show is likely to be higher than at the Oct. 8th show.

Please come and enjoy with us !

note of interest ?: Diane will be attending the SouthEast Women's Herbal Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina the following weekend. She recommends most highly...