More thanks ! and a boon from Booooooom.

diane cluck fingersMany people subscribed today — thank you ! My thanks go out to folks who’ve been writing up SOTW on their blogs and various sites, helping me promote this project. A few weeks into fundraising I’m beginning to feel that the work’s getting easier, the momentum is starting to carry itself and the burden is being shared. ( It is shape-shifting, becoming other than a burden. ) Thank you. THANK YOU. SOTW is now 50% funded.

Nada of BOOOOOOOM creative community blog featured a mention of the project today. Thanks, y’all !

One comment on “More thanks ! and a boon from Booooooom.

  1. Its hard to make a comment about such brilliant music (kudos to you for a great review of Diane’s contribution to music. Monarcana is probably my favorite as well. Its hard to beat hearing the traffic and phone calls as additional players while diane plays as if she were playing to only you. Diane is my bob dylan. Im extremely grateful for the way she changed my notion of what a song is and can be. Im stoked to hear some new songs! One day I hope that I can be proud enough of just one of my songs to send it Diane’s way as a thank you for the lesson her beautiful music provided me. Until then, thank you diane!