Song-of-the-Week #2: “Sara”: Preview & Discussion

Here’s a preview of this week’s song, “Sara”:

Diane says: in early May, a beloved friend brought me to the Camargue region of southern France.  we arrived by train at night and then drove, working our way out of city streets until eventual release into the wetlands.  a little song emerged in me as we traveled, starting with “pull the wishbone wide”, and something about a red and black spirit.  i honed in on it, but it wasn’t a song that wanted to finish in one go.

the following day we visited the seaside town of Stes.-Maries-de-la-Mer and entered the church of Saint Sara.  her portrait in the sanctuary thrilled me.  hanging high by the ceiling, her leveling gaze and swarthy face brought to my mind the Hindu goddess, Kali (the Destroyer).  i fell in love, or rather, under her love, realizing it was she who’d visited in the previous night’s song.

“Sara” developed over the next few days, coming to include the idea of Ereshkigal.  i’d recently been told the story of Ereshkigal, who inhabits the underworld and is visited by her sister, Inanna, whom she kills and hangs on a meat-hook to rot.  i find the story in its full telling (through to Inanna’s revival) to be a rich allegory for what happens when too much activity or outward drive results in a need to go ‘underground’.  this can look like lethargy, illness or depression even as it conveys necessary healing, transformation, and return to a more intuitive state.  (If you’d like to check in with these ideas, i highly recommend “The Heroine’s Journey” by Maureen Murdock.)

for the recording of the song i made use of the copper pipe instrument i just finished putting together.  i’m happy with the actual recorded tracks though i may ask around for help with effects processing.  what i’ve presented is my best mix for now.  Ken helped with mastering.

my thanks to Christina, S & B for providing inspirational circumstances around the making of this song.

last month, a subscriber requested that lyrics be posted for each song; i’ll start including these at the end of each new song post:

broad spirit comes back along the way
comes to me red, black, with a lot to say
she sit my tail down, pull the wishbone wide
she ream my head out along the way

she dig my hole, then, she toss me in
her dirt rain / reign dark down my falling / fallen skin
stripped so lonely i can’t even cry
i lay my head down along the way


broad spirit comes back
she lay me out flat
she pin my tail down
pull the wishbone wide
she ream my head out
her dirt rain dark down
‘can’t even cry…
‘can’t even cry…

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27 comments on “Song-of-the-Week #2: “Sara”: Preview & Discussion

  1. Your new song has brought a welcome blast of inspiration to what had started as a dreary and lackluster Monday here in San Francisco.

    “Sara” is wonderful and has really revived my spirits. The copper xylophone makes for a moving and mysterious accompaniment.

    I’m also enjoying the new website – particularly the blog. I have been enjoying dandelion season as well. I recently completed my first ever batch of dandelion wine which I intend to bottle this weekend. My wife and I have been exploring the herbal arts quite a bit in the last year – tinctures, cordials, salves, wines, fermented foods – as well as gardening and beekeeping. So, its a great pleasure to be able to enjoy your music and read your recipes and tips on all things herbal.

    • herbals can give so much fulfillment from the simplest projects. i figured i’d share some of what i’m into as a kind of tiny beacon, either turning people on to things they’ve never tried, and/or meeting and conversing with others who are interested in natural food / medicine culture…”tinctures, cordials, salves, wines, fermented foods” are magic words to me !

  2. I LOVE this song! It is incredible–very creative and unique. What were the instruments you used? was that you playing them?

    • the main instrument i played was the copper pipe xylophone-like thang, then i layered two different keyboard sounds. ‘glad you liked !

    • ’twas sent to all subscribers yesterday morning. check your spam folder for a message from “song-of-the-week (at)”.

  3. ๑۞๑,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑ HooOOooray! ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°๑۞๑ for the beautiful song and beautiful things you’ve done with your website. Radiant Power!!

  4. Sara is incredible work!
    Thank you for creating the music and forming the story as you did!
    It is actually a very difficult song when I put myself in the experiences being sung. Know that I really like that! Songs that are so gripping, and as a result, transformative, are their own needed type of song.
    I love that it is music that includes reminders about the merging of and connections between different cultures’ stories and their understandings and responses to the depth of life. That is so needed in these times as we may be told those are ideas from “ancient cultures” or “the past”, when our hearts and minds are able to process such depth, and the ideas are able to make sense within our own lives. I will have more thanks about and more to learn from Sara and Heartloose as the year continues. : )

    Also I want to say thanks for explaining about your journey. I am one of your subscribers who is part Roma! I look into it when I have time, but knew little of their life in France, and of Sara-Kali as an archetype and series of stories from their culture. To learn more about Roma culture from your project is a fully unexpected blessing.

  5. This song was very healing for me helping me understand some of the presences in my life. All your songs are like that for me but this one was something special keep recording!

  6. You truly are an incredible song writer. I find it very inspiring that someone is writing this kind of material in the present day. Thanks so much for all the images, ideas, feelings and mysteries you’ve presented me with in all of your music and words. I’m really curious to know if you’ve been at all influenced by the album ‘bright phoebus’ by Lal and Mike Waterson. If not, I highly recommend it to you (please don’t judge it by the first track).

  7. hello, Rob. thanks for your words. as i often work solo, it’s interesting and helpful for me to hear when a song lands for someone. i’ve listened to Lal Waterson’s music driving across the the U.K. on tour…she is really valued there and i enjoyed hearing the story of her life..i will check out “Bright Phoebus”.

  8. I just listened to the full track as part of the fall EP.
    The story of Inanna and Ereshkigal is very meaningful to me, so I am moved to see it touched upon in your songwriting.
    Thanks for this.

    • FYI, the original Song-of-the-Week version (mixed and recorded by Diane, and using Diane’s homemade copper pipe instrument) is different from the one later recorded on the Fall EP (with Isabel on cello, and recorded “live”).

  9. I loved this song when I heard you sing it live. It stayed with me and I have been singing it in my head since. I love this version too. Its great to hear many different versions of songs and most of the time the unconventional versions are my favorite. Thank you for being so inspiring. I feel so energized and happy inside when I listen to your music. It makes me want to go something beautiful.

  10. yo! the lyrics “she sit my tail down” is very capacious. It’s a lot. Your lyrics contains a lot Diane.

  11. I love your music but this song in particular is my favourite. I’ve gotten to know the red black spirit well in the last year. Sara Kali Ereshkigal, like the amazon women are the archetype of the goddess Artemis. Just thank you for channeling such a beautiful message.

    I wrote this May of last year:
    Walking the corridor of red doors, confined souls to the corners of every room, stirring the pot of mental takeover, the physical embodiment of tortured souls. I’ve become a lady in red, mourning the death of my own.

    The wheel turns, black gives way to white, rebirth follows its dead. Light transforms sacrificed blood, making pure again.

    I wanted to share a photo I took a few days ago but I can’t upload here. As the sun was setting it created a red backdrop in the sky, with black trees up against it, the image reflecting off Indian creek.