Boneset Album Release Tour – Now Through May 25th

I’m on tour for the next few months in support of my new album, Boneset. I’ll be playing more than sixty shows in the US, Ireland, UK, Europe–see tour dates here–accompanied by cellist Isabel Castellvi for the length of the tour.

We look forward to seeing y’all while we’re out and about! I’ll be posting photos and updates along the way on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. ❤


Wolf Moon Gathering, MoMA PS1 (NYC)

WolfMoonGatheringSUN JAN 26th MoMA PS1
in Long Island City, 4-6pm

Come be part of Wolf Moon Gathering, an afternoon of participatory rituals using voice, rhythm, and objects of personal significance to cast healing spells. Visioned by Girls Against God Co-editors, Bianca Casady & Anne Sherwood Pundyk. Performances by Vaginal Davis, Future Feminist Johanna Constantine and others.

( ( ( I’ll be there, singing and encouraging singing ) ) )

The Fader premieres “Sara”

Today The Fader premieres “Sara”, the first single from my new album, Boneset. It feels good to send this song out into the world. Today happens to be my birthday, too !

Here’s an early version of the song, as workshopped through Song-of-the-Week:

First official music video, for “Sara”, coming soon…

Live Video from The Thing In The Spring, NH

From Allston Pudding Music Blog:
“Virginia-based songwriter Diane Cluck is a wealth of words and tunes. Cluck has seven albums to her name, each with various right-brained tales and curious melodies that wrap neatly around her acoustic chords. In this video, she sets up in the middle of the woods with the accompaniment of a cellist, for an ambient, bare-bones version of “Trophies.” Cluck has a signature approach both to her vocal style and to her guitar-playing. Joni Mitchell is a fair comparison, but while Mitchell croons in a quirkier, more coy way, Cluck’s voice is haunting, letting its range seek out thrilling lows to match impressive highs. She plays her acoustic with an equally open mind, discovering notes higher up on the neck, and plucking them as a harp player might. Check out the video above.”

Blogotheque Session with Ed Askew

we recorded this session in Ditmas Park at The NoHomme, courtesy of house residents.  Ed bloomed out with a masterful harmonica solo on “Rodeo Rose” though light fell too dim to make use of the footage.  we all went for dinner at De Hot Pot around de corner, rotis and doubles and aloo pie.

i love Ed’s work; it’s curiously, engagingly particular.  i’ve been listening to his “Run Away” album on long Virginia drives.

Soundtrack, “What I Love About Concrete”

what i love about concreteTwo untitled instrumentals from my “Monarcana” album appear in the soundtrack to high school / comedy / indie film, “What I Love About Concrete“.  (watch trailer)

The film and its three makers are on a screening tour of the Eastern U.S. through May 8th– screening dates here→

I saw the film for the first time last week and was charmed and amazed.  The dedication of the film-makers and what they created–learning as they went, working during summer vacations over a period of six years, calling in all sorts of local help–was quite inspiring !

Early show footage…piano songs…

My first live shows were all piano songs.  I didn’t record many of them as I was still settling into my voice, gently shucking Broadway / Top 40 vocal influences.  Songs shown here are “Over My Bones” ( the piano part later became “Crash Thru the Half-Light” from Black With Green Leaves ) and “4-Score Lightnings”, from Diane Cluck.

The video was made by artist Tom Ruth and archived by composer / bon vivante, Peter Dizozza.  I’m grateful to Peter for making it available; it’s probably the only video of my performances from this time.